Coronavirus Outbreak and Characteristics: A Mini-Review Coronavirus Outbreak and Characteristics

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Muhammad Shaheen Iqbal
Shujjah Haider
Sannah Ahmed Essa
Muhammad Murtaza
Samra Maryam
Muhammad Mujtaba Sabir
Sikander Khan Sherwani


The world is confronting a new viral pandemic in the modern era which has spread to a large number of populations claiming thousands of lives. Although the initial epicenter of the outbreak was in Wuhan, China however a majority of cases have also arisen from several other locations. The virus which has been named SARS CoV-2 is highly contagious as its initial zoonotic transmission has changed to exponential spread of human to human. There is no vaccine or antiviral so its treatment is based on supportive and preventive measures. Risk assessment and biosafety training to handle such a situation can be adopted. The article narrates brief epidemiology, genetics, transmission, treatment and vaccine development strategies as well as lessons we are learning from the ongoing pandemic.

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