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In the era of Covid-19 and the halt of research in the universities, it is difficult to produce an issue. However, we managed a good number of papers for our current issue. The research should not be halted in order to investigate the microbiological agents which has impacted our lives so much that we are forced to bear billions of dollars in economic as well as intellectual loss.  The universities and institutions remained shut down across the globe and everyone was restricted to the virtual world. The current pandemic is not over yet and despite vaccine administration, new variants of the virus have started infecting the population.  The current situation of the Covid-19 is alarming as a new variant B.1.1.529 named by WHO ‘Omicron’ is on the verge to push us back to our houses. The new variant is quite dangerous and harmful as compared to its predecessors. The new variant has mutations in spike protein which is the target site for most of the vaccines (Callaway, 2021). It is our basic responsibility to observe extreme vigilance in order to halt the spread of new emerging variants. 

Pakistan Journal of Microbiology is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal which is published by the Pakistan Society for Microbiology (PSM). There was a dire need for an open-access peer-reviewed journal that could publish a lot of research in the area of microbiology. As most of the research has to be in queue or pipeline for approval by quality journals in the world. Our journal was already in operation but launched on digital media to ease the process of submission and peer review last year. 

In the current issue, there are three original articles and one review article. The first article is related to finding out in-vitro interaction among three different cultures of microorganisms. The second article is about mupirocin-resistant strains of S. aureus, the authors tried to find out prevalence among burn patients and community carriers. The third paper is related to checking the efficacy of natural plant extracts to control P. aerogenosa. The one review is about the efficacy of the Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccine in the context of the covid-19 pandemic. The future issue of PJM will be soon and we have called for the abstracts in our upcoming conference and as well as via social media platforms. 






15-12-2021                                                                                                                    Editor




Callaway, E. (2021). Heavily mutated Omicron variant puts scientists on alert. Nature, 600(7887), 21-21.

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